Good Lorenzo Charles Reflection.

I was staying up late working on my other blog, tweeting and watching the White Sox lose yet another extra inning game when I saw a tweet from a former pastor of mine regarding this piece at SI.COM. For whatever reason I felt compelled to link it here.

Maybe it’s because my last post here was about the NCAA tournament. Maybe because I remember the 1983 NCAA Finals very well because I graduated high school this year. Maybe it’s because Lorenzo Charles was 47 and I’ll turn 47 in a few months. Not sure exactly why I am sharing it here. But, like my pastor tweeted, it’s a great article by a great sports writer. This is also a golden basketball moment . . .

My thoughts, condolences and prayers go out toLorenzo’s friends and family.

Hopefully I’ll post here again before another former pastor tweets about some sports moment. I was waiting to post until the Sox got rolling again. As Dr. Phil would ask “How is that working?”