R is for Responses

You Tube A TO Z

R is for Response
You Tube used to have a feature where you could make a video response and post it to another you tube video.  They have since discontinued feature but you can still find video responses to existing you tube videos.

Last year the fine folks at Blimey cow produced this video.

I then made this response not knowing that You Tube had discontinued the program.

My take on this ,which I hope you gathered ,was to use the appropriate context for each phrase to give the phrases meaning.

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B is for Buehrle

You Tube A TO Z

B is for Buehrle

One thing you see lots of on you tube is sports plays and commercials.    This post includes one of each.

In 2010 one of my favorite White Sox Players, Mark Buehrle  started off the season with this  phenomenal play


 The next year the White Sox made this epic commercial as an homage to the fantastic play using Buehrle and Sox Announcer Hawk Harrelson in cameos.

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