Capital Z Zanesville

Zanesville was the capital of Ohio from 1810 to 1812. Here is what I think of when I think of Zanesville, Ohio. I may have passed through Zanesville before but I have never purposely gone to Zanesville before. Back in the day, if I ever wanted to drive through Zanesville I’d get my road Atlas and start planning a trip. The first thing I’d want to know would be how long of a drive would it be. I could figure out this with my atlas, but for time sake I googled it and it would take me 7 hours and 20 minutes to traverse the distance of 436.5 miles between my hometown and Zville. The next thing I would figure out is if there would be a time change and there would be one. If I wereable to drive straigh through with out stopping and leave at 8 am central time It would be 3:20 p,m central and 4:20 p.m local time (Eastern) when I arrived.

Another fun thing I like to do with my atlas is to see what other destinations I could go to from my destination. I would often plan a trip like this assigning point B as a hub and figurung what point C might be. Most atlasses have a chart of major cities in the state showing the distance between them. The 3major cities in Ohio are Cleveland, Cincinatti and the Capital, Columbus.

From Zanesville, Cleveland is about 148 miles and would take 2 hours and 16 minutes leaving at 8:00 am May 1st I would arrive there at 10:16 am the same day. Cincinatti would be 161 miles and take about 2 and 1/2 hours so again leaving at 8 am on May1st you could get there 10:16 am the same day. Columbus would be the closest of the 3, 55 miles and 55 minutes away leave at 8 am May 1st arrive 8:55 the same day.

This is about the time in my trip planning that I might go a little crazy. (As if this isn’t sufficiently crazy?) I might thing Zanesville rhymes with …(actually megypsies rhymes with …, but I more than digress) Janesville. And I might check and see if it was posisble to zoom through Wisconsin on my way home. It would take 524 miles to get from Z to J (ville wise) anf about 7 hours and 45 mintues the good news id the time would change back so leave at 8am may 1st arrive 2:45 the same day

I would probably look up a number of more routes. I’d look for the nearest minor league ball team or some such. But I think,what I did share gives you enough of a glimpse.

Links abound as we come to an end of another a to z challenge click here to get to said challenge. To see my final post in last years challenge click on Zuckerman. If you are interested here are the links I used for the different cities.

Elgin to Zanesville


to Cincinatti

To Columbus

To Janesville

Random Acts

Since I began blogging at Home School,Dad, I have started other blogs such as Dave Out Loud and Crazy Uncle Daves Sports blog among others. I recently realized that all these blogs could be saved on one WordPress blog.

I am in the process of consolidating all my previous blogs except for Home School Dad on this blog and adding new content here as well. Random Acts of Roller will be a one stop shop for all my thoughts feelings and concerns.

It will be a work in process for a while but I hope you all enjoy it.

Imago Film Festival 2016

There are many great things I like about the early Spring.  The beginning of baseball season,  gearing up for the Blackhawks (and sometimes the  Bulls) playoff runs,  my wedding anniversary, and Easter Sunday are just a few of them.
For the past 3 years Judson University’s Imago Film Festival   has become one of those great things I associate with the beginning of Spring.  I came home  just a few hours ago from the fifth and final evening of the 12th annual festival and want to relate my experience of the event.
The Mission statement for the festival states that  they showcase independent films that deals with faith issues that emphasize image and story. I attended each night of the festival this year and the 15  
official selections that were screened certainly met the missions statements criteria.  
Terrence Wandtke stated several times in festival literature and at the festival itself, that many of the years selections dealt with themes of love and loss.  He was certainly correct in that assertion, and the 4 winning films all dealt with that topic in one way or another.
My favorite film of the 4 winners,  Not the End,  won the Audience Choice award.  
The 2nd runner up as decided by the Judges was Speed Dating.
The 1st runner up was Persimmon.
Best in Show was the Oscar Nominate short, We can’t live Without Cosmos.
$2,000.00 was divided unevenly between the winning 4 films.
I am sure you will be able to find all 4 movies on line at some point, if you have interest in viewing them – perhaps even at Imago’s You Tube Channel.  However, my week at Imago reinforced my belief in the importance of the communal experience of watching movies.  I encourage any of you in the Chicago area to come to Elgin next year to experience Imago 2017 with me.  

If any of you were wondering why it took me 2 hours after coming home before I wrote this review, It is because after all that film watching I wanted to do some more.  I just finished watching my first full length feature on someone else’s blog post.  From time to time someone will put a link to an entire movie from you tube on their blog. On Friday I saw a link to the movie Angel and the Badman, a 1947 John Wayne film.  I had not seen it before so have been watching it after the festival for the past 2 nights.  It is a film that deals with faith issues and emphasized image and story.  So it was a perfect post Imago activity.  Perhaps soon, I’ll review it here.   Before that happens, I plan to screen the film for an audience, my family.

News Flash: Cats Love Bacon

Two weeks ago I started posting comic strips from Go Comics each Saturday.  I call it Saturday Funnies.  The Go Comics Blog has a feature called Meet Your Creator.  The most recent installment is about Georgia Dunn the creator of Breaking Cat News.  I was really moved by the article and checked her strip out.  Here is a strip from earlier this week.

Breaking Cat News by Georgia Dunn, February 15, 2016 Via @GoComics: One of the many great comics you can read for free at! Follow us for giveaways & giggles.

Also posted at HSD #YBD=HSD