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Happy Birthday to Chris and Al.

My younger brother turns 55 today. Happy Birthday Christopper John!

This is not a picture of my brother,

That is a picture of former White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle who shares a birthday with my brother. When Chris was turning 13 Buehrle was born.

My brother is not a White Sox Fan. (He does have many fine qualities, that is just not among them.) So focussing on the former Burlington Bee would not really mean anything to my brother.

This is also not a picture of my brother.

That is a picture of former Mad Magazine artist and writer Al Jaffee. He also shares a birthday with Chris . When Chris was born, It was Mr. Jaffee’s 45th birthday. Today may be a milestone for Chris at 55 , but it is quite the acheivement for Jaffee as he hits 100.

Like most boys growing up in the 70’s we were big fans of Mad Magazine. Jaffee, who retired from Mad in 2020 was most known for the Mad Fold-in. Which originated in 1964. (I also originated in 1964, but I digress)

A fold in was Jaffee’s homage to the fold out posters that are in some magazines. In true Mad fashion, he inverted the idea made one drawing that when folded in would reveal a gag,.that somehow responded to the original drawing.

This was Jaffee’s final fold in from last year when he retired from Mad.

In my blog HSD , I am participating in the A to Z challenge again this year. My theme is people who were alive in 1921. Al Jaffee is one of those people and may get an honorable mention when it comes to the letter J. To find out more about the A to Z challenge click here.

Because of Covid, I have not seen my brother since 2019 even though we live relatively close to each other. we are planning on getting our families together again soon.

Until then Chris, I hope you enjoy your birthday. I have many fond memories of our childhood and I like the man you have become. Now become a White Sox fan, and you may have something.

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Born on March 2nd

Dr. Seuss – Children’s author

Born: 1904 Died 9/24/91 Age 87

My wife an I actually put this book on our wedding registry.

Leo XIII Pope Roman Catholic Church

Born 1810 Died 7/20 1903 at age 93

1st Pope of 20th Century

Notes: Pius XII who was Pope 178from 1939 to 1958 was also born on March 2nd.

Sam Houston Texas Revolutionary

Born 1793 Died 7/26 1863 Age 70

Removed as Governor of Texas for not aligning with Confederacy

Mikhail Gorbachev Russian Politician former leader of Soviet Union

Born : 1931 Age 90

Helped end the Cold War

Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers Quaerterback

Born 1982 Age 39

Played in 3 Super Bowls won in 2005 and 2008

Others born on March 2nd

Desi Arnaz Actor and 1917-1986

Karen Carpernter Pop Singer 1950- 1983

Jon Bon Jovi Rock Singer 1962

Daniel Craig James Bond Actor 1968

Bryce Dallas Howard – Actress and daughter of Ron Howard 1981