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10 People I’d love to interview for a podcast.

I’ve been thinking of doing a podcast for some time now. You could say I’ve been building up to it for years. When I was in junior high my friend Roger Johnson and I used to make 8 track tapes (google it) like we were on a radio show. I moved from 8tracks to cassettes in high school (but always said I could quit at anytime) and send them to friends. In college I actually volunteered at a campus radio station as a disc jockey, I had to provide my own music so I was frequently carrying 200 records and 100 cassettes across campus after my shift ended at 1am. When I lived in Russia , I would record letters to my friends and send them home. Over the past 30 years I have hosted a “radio” show that emanates from my head and broadcasts in my car when I am driving by myself. I also have have a vlog, Dave Out Loud, that as has almost as many viewers as my radio program has listeners.

Over the past few weeks, as I have been more seriously considering a podcast, I have been thinking about the components of such things. I started to think about who I might want to interview in a podcast. I started writing down a list of people whom I’d love to interview. The list quickly evolved to well over 10 people, so I had to do a bit of whittling to get to the list below. If I ever do host a podcast I do want to make a quick disclaimer on this list. It is not necessarily the top 10 people I’d like to interview for a podcast. It is just a list of 10 of the many people I’d like to interview. The 10 I ended up choosing I share some type of commonality with, that I’d love to explore in an interview. Some of these people you have heard of others are people I’ve met along the road on the journey that is my life. In no particular order here they are …

10 people I’d love to interview for a podcast

Vladimir Lebedev

Just to clarify when I say Vladimir Lebedev. I do not mean the illustrator or the skier I mean the pastor, musician, translator, student, driver, interpreter, missionary friend of mine from Russia. Vladimir was one of the first people I met when I went to Russia in 1992 and is the person who coined the phrase ministry of bad ideas for me. He is a dear friend who has a wonderful love for and understanding of God’s word.

Allen Levi

I met Allen Levi in 1995 in Irmo, South Carolina where he was doing a concert at the church I was attending. I connect to Allen on many levels, we both write songs, blog, have a passion for missions and youth ministry. We both have lost brothers to illness. Allen stopped practicing law to go into full time music ministry. A few years ago he left music ministry for a while and served one term as a judge in family court. In 2004 my wife booked him to play a concert for my 40th birthday. It was the last time I saw him in person and I would love to catch up with him and talk about his eclectic yet Christ centered life.

Steve West

1/2 my list is composed of people I’ve never met. Steve West is probably the least well known person on that side of the list. I must be drawn to the blogger lawyer type as Steve West is both those things. When I first started reading his blog, out walking, I didn’t even know what a blog was, let alone that I was reading one. Reading his blog over the last 12 years I have discovered movies like Once, Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys, and house concerts. The thing I like most about Steve is that although he blogs infrequently that his posts are always thoughtful, insightful, challenging and worth waiting for.

Weird Al Yankovic

The commonality I share with Weird Al, is strangely not the weirdness. Although I am extremely weird. I consider myself a bit of a parodist myself. My parodies are on a much smaller scale then Mr. Y, I once wrote a variation of Hakuna Matata cal led Hakuna Renatta for a girl from our college and career group who was moving from Illinois to Florida. I believe her name was Renatta. I also wrote this one for my my 500th post at a differnet blog.

Amy Roller

One of the nice things about being married to your best friend is being able to book her as a guest on your podcast. I mean I love our conversations why not share them with an audience?

Sheryl Ryan

Sheryl is an OT from California, a breast cancer survivor (like my wife), a facebook friend who is both insightful, funny and compassionate. I’ve known Sheryl since we were teenagers and even though I haven’t seen her since 1990 she is still one of my favorite people.

Gordy Jorian

Gordy is one of 2 friends who has an imdb page. Gordy is another friend I have not seen for decades but spending time with Gordy is always time at the fun table.

Steve Martin

Steve and Gordy have both worked with Kermit the Frog (who would definitely be on this list if it wasn’t limited to people). Steve Martin has been my favorite comedian since I was in middle school. If it wasn’t for Steve Martin, I’d be my favorite comedian ( I wouldn’t be as funny as I am now, as I have learned so much about comedy from him even without the benefit of his Masterclass).

Carlton Fisk

Some of you may be surprised that I went 8 people without mentioning a White Sox player. If I made this list 6 months ago prior to his death, I may have included Ed Farmer on this list. Carlton Fisk is also deserving of a spot here, as he was my favorite non white-sox player in 1980 when he signed as a free agent for my team. He continued and concluded his HOF career on the south side.

Michael Card

Michael Card is one of my favorite singer songwriters. He also an excellent author and makes a mean bowl of chili. Actually I don’t know about the chili part but he does make a mean bowl of podcast.

Well those are 10 people I’d love to interview for a podcast. I guess the next step would be figuring out how to go about making a podcast.

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In The Studio With Michael Card

Mid 1990’s
21st Century

I like music. I have eclectic tastes in music and like many different kinds and types of music. I do definitely have favorites and my favorite type is Contemporary Christian Music or CCM. Within that genre, I have many favorite artists, including the late Keith Green and the Late Rich Mullins, but my big 3 are Randy Stonehill, Alan Levi, and Michael Card.

Michael Card like Rich Mullins came into prominence as a writer for Amy Grant. Where Rich had Sing Your Praise to the Lord, Michael had El Shaddai.

Michael’s work is very biblically based and the majority of his albums are based on one theme. I have seen him perform many times in concert and am always encouraged, educated, edified and even entertained.

Micahel has written many fine books. I am currently reading The Hidden Face of God and listening to his most recent book inexpressible. Actually, I am not doing either right now. I am listening to Kim Hill on Pandora and typing, I am thinking of making lunch and my body is doing quite a few more things like breathing, thinking, my heart is beating, my blood is flowing and some of my cells are reproducing. And they say multitasking is a myth.

Where was I before I was so rudely interrupted by my randomness? Oh yes Michael Card’s new book. It is written about the Hebrew Word Hesed and I heard about it at Micahel’s podcast, In the Studio with Michael Card. describes the Podcast, this way …

Featuring Bible commentary, a look at the creative process and demonstrations of discipleship lived out in the community, this 55-minute program originates from Michael Card’s studio at Mole End in Franklin, Tennessee.  Originally broadcast on Moody Radio from 2002 to 2009, our hope is to grow our podcast audience and then record new programs in 2018.

The write-up states that there are 3 components of the program and you may have noticed that they all begin with the letter C. But like a diamond, this gem of a podcast actually has 4 C’s; aside from focussing on (Biblical) Commentary, Creativity, and Community, there is also Card himself performing multiple songs that go with the theme or themes of the program. I have been binge-listening (Is that even a thing?) to multiple podcasts and the production values are so good and yet it still has a cozy homey feeling to it as well. Here is a link to a recent program.

There is so much more that I could say about Michael Card. And I intend to write about him again and the other 2 members of the big 3 as well. Right now, lunch is looming so I will leave you with one of my favorite Michael Card songs. Like all of my big 3 ,my favorite song of theirs is usually the one I am listening to at the time. This one sticks out to me in that I read the lyrics in one of his books years before I ever listened to it. Here is Michael performing Things We Leave Behind