J is for Just Married (21 years ago) ,

We now interrupt the Sherman themed A to Z challenge for my marriage. When it comes to A to Z challenge and other aspects of blogging I can get a little out of control. I can spend more time choosing songs and linking videos than I do on the actual important things in life. 21 years ago today I married my best friend. She still is my best friend and I don’t want to spend a moment of our anniversary linking eyore and Mary Poppins videos. Life with Amy is certainly a Jolly Holiday and while we enjoy our anniversary together lyrics and videos will have to wait their turn. I had hoped to get ahead last weekend so the J and K videos would post in my absence but then I wouldn’t be able to tell you how great my wife is.

They Call it Puppy Love

I wrote this post 10 years ago. Lucy is no longer a morning person and just this evening at dinner, we were talking about the puppy on the floor days.

Home School Dad

Every morning my youngest daughter wakes me up. You know how some people are morning people, and wake up eager for the day to begin? That’s my daughter. Other people welcome morning like a warden welcomes jailbreaks. That’s me. Yet each morning she scampers in the room with unbridled enthusiasm. Always going to my side of the bed always saying the same thing:

“Let’s be a puppy on the floor!”

Every morning, always the same, let’s be a puppy on the floor. And every morning, generally against by better judgement, I crawl on the floor with her, barking and yipping. I am not sure how this ritual began, and often, I am unsure why I let it continue. There are only two reasons why I endure this perpetual puppy practice:

1) I don’t think she enjoys anything in this world more than playing puppy with her Dad.

2) Some time…

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