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Bill Buckner & The Cubs

Bill Buckner 1949 – 2019
Chicago Cubs 1977-1984

Bill Buckner, one of my childhood heroes, passed away on Monday. There are multiple news stories like this one from ESPN that will give you a biographical sketch of the former first baseman and outfielder. I want to focus here on his time with the Cubs.

Bill Buckner was traded from the LA Dodgers to the Cubs in January of 1977 along with Ivan Dejesus and a minor leaguer. The Cubs gave up Rick Monday and Mike Garman to acquire them.

Buckner played 7 full seasons for the Cubs and was traded to the Boston Red Sox in May of 1984 for Mike Brumley and Dennis Eckersly in 1984. Buckner had lost the starting first base position to Leon Durham in the off season and appeared in his last game as A cub on May 24th asa pinch hitter in the first game of a double header against the Atlanta Braves. He batted only .240 in limited action in 1984 but still hit .300 in his time for the Cubs.

Buckner played 974 games for the Cubs more than any of the other 4 teams he played for. His .300 batting average for the Cubs was 11 points better than he had hit hit with his first team the Dodgers (The .289 he hit with L.A. was equal to his lifetime average. In his 7+ years with the Cubs Buckner had hit 235 doubles 35 triples hit 85 homers and had over 500 runs batted in all the most he achieved on any of the teams he played for. The only thing that diminished with Buckner from his time on the Dodgers was a little of his speed. He had stolen 93 bases for the Dodges about 15 a year. That went down to about 7 a year on his time with the Cubs.

In 1977 when Buckner came to the Cubs, I had officially made the leap from the Cubs to the White Sox as my favorite team. But i still liked the Cubs and Bill Buckner became one of my favorite players on either side of town. Both teams were in contention in 1977 as well a great year to be a 12 year old baseball fan in Chicago. , The Southside Hitmen easily come to mind but don’t forget the Cubs who were in 1st place from May 28th to August 6th. before finishing 4th. .This was very disappointing for the Cubs and their fans as they had led at one point by 8 1/2 games near the end of June. Equally disappointing for Buckner was that the Cubs made it to the playoffs in 1984 but by then he had already been traded to the Red Sox.

You may have noticed no reference in this column to Buckner’s time after the Cubs. That is because I choose to remember him for his multiple plays for the Cubs and not for one play for the Sox team I don’t follow. It was great to think of him again and how much I enjoyed watching him play. I wish the best to his family. I’m sure multiple baseball fans over the country wish the same.

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100th Post

I started this blog over 6 years ago and it has taken until now to get my 100th post.  I know we are smack dab in the thick of Cubs homerun hitters.  However I thought this would be a good time to play footage of Paul Konerko getting a hit on Paul Konerko Bobble head day at US cellular field,  I  am doing the announcing and the camera work.

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N is for No Hitter

You Tube A TO Z

N is for No Hitter
A baseball game can take 3-4 hours to complete.  But if all you are interested is watching all the outs it can take 5-10 minutes.  3-5 minutes if you are just looking for all the outs on one side.  When would you want to do that?  When you want to relive a no hitter.  You tube is your friend when it comes to finding those.
on April 18,2007 Mark Buehrle (see B is for Buehrle from earlier this month) pitched a no hitter for the Chicago White Sox against the Texas Ranger.  This means in his 9 innings of work no one got on base with a hit.  Former Sox player Sammy Sosa did get a walk and you can watch what Buerhle did to him.  

A no hitter when no one gets on base for any reason is called a perfect game Buerhle got one of those also.  It was 2 years later July 23, 2009 against the Tampa Bay Rays.  Since it is technically a no hitter and since I am not doing P is for Perfect Game I’ll show you that one as well.  You’d be Wise to watch the 9th inning of this one.

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B is for Buehrle

You Tube A TO Z

B is for Buehrle

One thing you see lots of on you tube is sports plays and commercials.    This post includes one of each.

In 2010 one of my favorite White Sox Players, Mark Buehrle  started off the season with this  phenomenal play


 The next year the White Sox made this epic commercial as an homage to the fantastic play using Buehrle and Sox Announcer Hawk Harrelson in cameos.

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