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15 minutes you get back

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I like using the phrase (insert number here) minutes you never get back.

Especially to describe a frustrating time sucking situation. It also reminds me that time on this earth is limited so there is certainly a sense of urgency to how we spend our time. I also like the phrase because if and when I ever do get around to doing a podcast I think 45 minutes you’ll never get back, would be a good title , warning potential listeners of the mind numbing craziness they may be subjecting themselves to.

All that being said, there are certain things I don’t like about what the phrase implies. There is a certainly an implication that time is something that is mine to use however I want. I used the phrase a few days ago to describe an interaction with a difficult person. (The phrase difficult person, is subject to a deeper dive as well, but we’ll save that for another discussion). My wife quickly reminded me how rude I was being. How we feel about “our” time reveals how selfish we can really be .

I learned early on in my journey with Christ that my money is not really mine. It’s really God’s money and I try to use it the best that I can. I have had a harder time applying this to time.

The investment of time can reap many dividends, so in a sense there is time that you can get back.

Here are just a few examples.

Time spent with family and firends comes back to us as memories.

Time spent poorly sometimes comes back to us as consequences but often comes back to us as discernment,

Time spent practicing comes back to us as talent.

Time spent waiting comes back to us as patience.

Time spent being kind to others may not ever come back to us but it does ripple out into this world in a positive way.

I guess if we think more of time as a gift we can give away rather than keep for our own use our time will truly be better spent.

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