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Saturday Six Word Story Prompt.

Last month I was visiting blogs for the a to z challenge road trip and I came upon A blog called Keith’s Ramblings. I really enjoyed his theme and I like his flash fiction so I have returned a few times since. When I visited his blog today I saw that he was participating in something called The Saturday Six word story prompt (6WSP) at My Random Ramblings. Each Saturday the host gives a prompt and then you write a six word story that is about the prompt but does not need to contain the word.

Since I already participated in a 6 sentence story, I thought a 6 word story wouldbe kind of fun. This weeks word was Coffee. What I decided to do was write 2 stories and then I had my wife and daughter vote on which one to submit.

Today’s winner…

Coffee, not my cup of tea.

For more 6WSP click here.

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