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A to Z Roadtrip 2020

Every year, a few weeks after the A to Z challenge has ended, the A to Z road trip begins. The A to Z road trip is a challenge to go back and review all the particpating posts from the challwnge before the beginning of next year. Here is a link to the 374 blogs suitable to all ages that particpated in the challege this year. If you are stopping by from the challenge, I have constructed this post for you so you can link to all my a to z 2020 posts. I have also constructed a page that does the same thing.

My theme this year was Capitals, but that is somewhat misleading. While I have a few posts that give information about the capital itself, most of my submission are based on what pops in to my mind when I think of that capital. It was a crazy bumpy covid lock down ride. Some times more than one capital was listed in the same post, so don’t be confused if you link to the same post from different letters.

Most of my posts also include links to previous years a to z submissions form the same letter, so feel free to visit them as well.

Enjoy your visit and have a wonderful road trip. I will also try to visit all the participating blogs before 3.31.21 and hope to feauture some of my reactions to them in upcoming entries.

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Albany, New York

Boston, Massachusetts

Columbia, South Carolina

Dover, Delaware

Edinburgh, Scotland

Frankfort, Kentucky

Georgetown, Guyana

Honolulu, Hawaii

Indianapolis, Indiana

Jerusalem, Israel

Kaskaskia*, Illinois

* Previous Capital

Lansing, Michigan

Madison, Wisconsin

Nashville, Tennessee

Olympia, Washington

Pierre, South Dakota

Quito, Ecuador

Raleigh, North Carolina

Springfield, Illinois

Tallahassee, Florida

Ulan-Ude, Buryatia*

*Russian republic

Victoria, British Columbia*

*Province of Canada

Washington D.C., USA

Xalapa, Vera Cruz*

*State of Mexico

Yucatan, Yucatan

*State of Mexico

Zanesville*, Ohio

* Previous Capital

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3 thoughts on “A to Z Roadtrip 2020

  1. Argh! Why are your comments closed on the individual letters?
    I checked out A, since I went to high school across the river in Troy. And one of my favorite things in Albany is the RCA Dog statue that is on top of a building. It can be seen from both the Amtrak train and I-90.
    Happy A-Z Roadtripping! I always fail at it, so I didn’t sign up for the post A-Z Roadtrip.
    My second A-Z this year was truck back ends: https://annembray.wordpress.com/a-to-z-challenges/a-z-challenge-2020/


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