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Capital R – Raleigh

Before I begin a quick mea culpa and shoutout to Richmond, Virginia. I earlier stated that I have only lived in one state capital and that was Columbia, South Carolina. In November, 1992, I spent a number of weeks in Richmond, Virginia in preparation for missions service in Russia. I never really counted it as living there as my benchmark for living in another state as has always been 8 consecutive weeks or more. But since it was a state capital I think it deserves a mention.

I have been to Raleigh, North Carolina but for today’s purpose Raleigh reminfds me of North Carolina. In the 2 years I lived in Columbia, South Carolina I made many visits to it’s Northern namesake. On different occasions I saw a minor league hockey game, an NBA basketball game and once went to a NFL football stadium and saw Evangelist Billy Graham preach during a lunar eclipse.

But the event that I associate most with my NC time while living in SC was my last time there. I Lived in South Carolina in 2015 to 2017 and had thought I had left Illinois for good, relocating to South Carolina until God led me elsewhere. He actually led me elsewho. The who being my best friend Amy, who I realized in early 17 was not only my best friend but also my love interest. She visited me over her Spring Break and I knew that I would marry her. So I decided to pursue a relationship with her and went back to Illinois to court her.

That June she flew to Columbia ostensibly so she could drive my car back to Illinois and I could drive the U-Haul. We spent a few days with my friends before we headed back north. One night Amy got me in the car kidnapping me and blindfolding me so I could not see where we were going. Us and our friends ended up across the S.C. border and drove into a bowling alley.

The significance of a bowling alley was that I had set a goal of bowling in every state and Amy knew I had not yet bowled in North Carolina. After bowling we went to one of those outdoor mexican cantinas and it was the last night I saw some of my friends who did not make it to wedding some 9 months later.

What that trip reminds me of now some years later especially in the wake of co-vid 19 is to make life a celebration, an event, an occasion or as I like to say the occasional occasion.

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2 thoughts on “Capital R – Raleigh

  1. I’ve been to North Carolina many times but I think I’ve only passed through Raleigh on the highway.

    Richmond is more familiar to me as I lived in Williamsburg, VA for 7 years and my sister has lived in Richmond for 25 years. I thought of moving there myself but decided to move further north to another state capital, Boston.


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