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Capital Q Quito

There are not U.S. states that begin with Q. So, I had to go to Ecuador. I don’t like travelling too far in thee turbulent days Ecauador is where I draw the line. That’s a bad equator joke, so let’s move on.

When I think of Quito, I think og Ecuador and when I think of Ecuador, i think of Jim and Elisabeth Elliot.

Jim and Elisabeth Elliot met at Wheaton College as they were both training to be missionaries. Eventually they both moved to Ecuador separately working as missionaries. They were married in Quito in 1953.

Jim Elliot was Martyred in early 1956 with 4 other missionaries. They were killed while reaching out to an indian tribe. Elisabeth Elliot and her young daughter moved in with the tribe that had killed her husband beginning to translate the bible into their language.

Jim Elliot once wrote in his journal “he is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.” He and his fellow missionaries gave their physical life to promote the Gospel and through it went on to be with God forever.

Elisabeth Elliot went on to be a prolific speaker and writer before battling with dementia later in life and dying in 2015. She penned two books, Passion and Purity and The Quest for Love which really helped my wife and I especially in our own relationship.

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