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Capital N Nashville

Nashville is not only the capital of Tennessee; it is also the capital of country music. I discovered country music accidentally, which is incidentally the only way my wife will listen to it.

As I have mentioned myriad times I am a Chicago White Sox fan. When I was a kid I would watch as many games as I could on tv and when I couldn’t watch I’d listen on the radio.
It just so happened that the Sox played on the local country music station WMAQ. So when I turned my radio and the Sox weren’t on, country music was playing.

At about the same time I started listening to WMAQ they started running a promotion where if they called you up and you answered the phone, “WMAQ is gonna make me rich!” you could win 1000 dollars.
So I started answering the phone that way much to the bewilderment of my parents the embarrassment of my brothers and sisters and the entertainment of my brother’s friends who still tease me about it some 45 years later.

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