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Capital M Madison

Montpelier, Vermont and Montgomery Alabama are the other 2 state capitals starting with M. Madison is just a few hours away from us. When we do go out of state, it is generally to Madison as my wife’s two brothers live there. One of my favorite things to do in Madison is to go to the Henry Vilas Zoo. I love zoos and especially enjoy free zoos like Henry Vilas. Here is a news story from 5 years ago about the zoo.

Because of Co-vid 19 zoos have not been open to the public. Many, including the HVZ have taken to the internet with their programs. Here is a keeper chat from today about the Rhinoceros Iguana.

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Capital L Lansing

3 states have capital cities that begin with L. Arkansas has Little Rock, Nebraska has Lincoln. These did not make the cut, as I went with Lansing Michigan. Lansing is the nearest state capital to where I live of a state that does not border my own. There are parts of Michigan, I can get to in about 2 hours. Lansing takes a little longer.

Yesterdays fact filled trip to Kaskaskia was unusual for me. Because it was actually about Kaskaskia. You may have noticed that mostly I use these state capitals as a starting off point for a topic that is often near and dear to my heart. Today’s subject is minor league baseball.

Lansing is the home of the Lansing Lugnuts which plays in the Midwest League. They are a Single A affiliate of the Toronto Bluejays. Previous to that they were aligned with the Chicago Cubs and previous to that they were with the Kansas City Royals organization when the team began in 1996.

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