Capital K Kaskaskia

10 Things about Kaskaskia

Thing 1 – Kaskaskia is a village in Randolph County, Illinois

  • Thing 2 The word Kaskaskia derives from the Miami-Illinois language word for katydid.
  • Thing 3. The Kaskaskia tribe is a group of indeginous north americans
  • Thing 4 .Their first contact with Europeans was in the 2nd half of the 17th century. They became a French settlement .
  • Thing 5. Kaskaskia was one of the western most sites for the Revolutionary war and was liberated by the U.S.on July 4, 1778.
  • Thing 6. Became the territorial capital of Illinois in 1809 and then it’s first state capital in 1818.
  • Thing 7. The Illinois Herald, the first Illinois newspaper, was published in Kaskaskia in June 1814.
  • Thing 8. Kaskaskia is a river town, located on the Mississippi River, and as such it’s rise and fall correlated with the rise and fall of the steamboat as a method of transportation.
  • Thing 9. Because of the shifting of the Mississippi River much of Kaskaskia has been destroyed by flood. The only way to enter the city is through Missouri. Consequently it has a missouri zip code, but retains an illinois area code.
  • Thing 10. At statehood Kaskaskia had a population of over 7000 people. According to the USCB By 2000 the population was down to nine people and rose over 50 % to 14 people by the 2010 census. In comparison the force of 200 men that liberated Kaskaskia in the revolutionary war is more 14 times the amount of it 2010 population.

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  1. It’s fascinating that the former state capital has been reduced to single digits in population and is no longer connected to the state!


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