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Capital H Honolulu

4 state capitals begin with the letter H: Harrisburg, PA, Hartford, CT, Helena, MT and of course Honolulu, HI. I chose Honolulu not because it’s the only state of the 4 I haven’t been to but because of its role as a mnemonic device.

As part of teaching our home schooled children the state capitals we have often made up and employed mnemonic devices. We ask questions like Whats the capital of Alaska (You know … Juneau) or Who’s the Boss of Massachusetts ? (Boston). Our youngest daughter is name Lucy and we used to call her LuLu. So that’s how we remember Hawaii’s capital by emphasizing the lulu in Honolulu.

I want to take this time to remind the readers that the purpose of my theme is not to give you many or any great insights on the capitals but to randomly riff on the capitals and in so tell you more about me and my family than stuff you can already find on Wikipedia.

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4 thoughts on “Capital H Honolulu

  1. State capitals! When my kids were young, and homeschooled, I told them they did NOT have to learn state capitals! My daughter insisted and assigned that lesson to herself! I also told them they did NOT have to build sugar cube missions, which has been a mainstay in CA elementary schools for many decades! My brain has never caught on to tricks like mnemonics.


  2. Of the H capitals, I’ve only been to Hartford – a destination for elementary school field trips when growing up in Connecticut. My 5th grade class did the wave while in the gallery of the state legislature, which was hilarious at the time.


  3. I highly recommend a visit to Honolulu after this is all over! You deserve it.
    Great idea for a post. As a teacher, I also a fan of a good mnemonic.


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