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Capital D Dover

State Capitals that start with the letter D are Denver, Colorado and Dover, Delaware. I chose Dover as it reminded me of a girl I met once on IRC.

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat which was a pre world wide web way of speaking to people on computers. I used IRC when I was in college they had it at the computer lab where I printed my papers. I usually chatted with my friend Amy, who I married some years later, who was usually sitting at the computer next to mine. 28 years later we still sometimes do the same thing and talk on facebook when we are actually in the same room together.

On other occasions I would meet people on IRC such as this girl from Dover. I don’t remember her name or what university she was from but I do remember her being from Dover and me not being aware at the time that Dover was a capital city.

This reminiscence got me to thinking about the covid 19 crisis. What if it happened in the mid to late eighties or early 90’s. There wasn’t internet. I knew one guy with a cell phone and one guy with a pager. In the mid 80’s not everybody had vcrs which are now obsolete. Most families had one phone line. Answering machines were getting popular but who would need an answering machine since everybody’s going to be home?

In the mid 80’s there was no MSNBC, there was no Fox news. CNN existed but it didin’t really compete with the big 3 news networks until the Gulf War in 1990. A global pandemic in the middle of the previous decade may have put CNN on the map a little earlier but Cable wasn’t nearly as accesible back then.

E learning, and E commerce were non existent so the closures of schools and non essential jobs would be even harder to resolve and the solutions would be much more 20th century then 21st. Also the geo-political landscape was much different back then so it’s difficult to see how things may have worked out.

This line of thinking is a little random either from me. It’s just what I came up with when I thought of Dover. For more A to Z blogging click here. To see my D post from my sports blog click here. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I’ll be back on Monday. No current state capitals start with the letter E, so I’ll be looking into a former state capital or more likely a World capital on Monday and back with Frankfort on Tuesday.

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