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Capital A Albany

Hall of Fame Weekend 2014

It is time for the A to Z challenge 2020. My theme is Capitals .

Mostly current state capitals but I do plan on using some country capitals and old state capitals where there are no current state capitals with that letter. There are plenty of State Capitals that begin with A Anchorage was a definite consideration but only because today is April 1st and Juneau that Anchorage is not the capital of Alaska.

Other legitimates A’s are Anapolis, Austin, Atlanta and Augusta. I did not go with any of those. I went with Albany the capital of New York.

Since this is the first day of the challenge let me explain the rationelle of why I pick crtain capitals over others. Each capital I choose is more of a touchstone to something significant to me and my family that may have very little to do with my actual post. Albany is no exception.

I chose Albany because it reminds be of Baseball’s hall of Fame.

Branch Rickey

Hey Wait a minute. You are probably thinking babseball’s hall of fame is in Cooperstown not Albany ,and you would be right. Let me just back up a little.

Frank Thomas memorabilia on display at Hall of Fame

In 2014 Frank Thomas, along with Greg Maddux Tony Larussa, Joe Torre, Tom Glavine and Bobby Cox were elected into the Hall of Fame. Frank Thomas is one of my most favorite players and I had been hoping for years to go see him inducted if he ever was inducted to the hall.

At about the same time that Franks was being voted in in Januar of 2014, my Dad was having a quadruple bypass operation. Much of my love baseball comes from my Dad. The first game he ever went to was at County stadium in Milwaukee, wisconsin where he watched Jackie Robinson and the Brooklyn Dodgers play the Milwaukee Braves. Life is short I decided. I planned an intergenerational family trip for my Dad, brother, nephew and Son. 3 of them ended up declining my offer but my SOn Charlie and I went. By the time other family members had backed out there wasn’t a lot of local accomodations available. So Charlie and I decided to stay in, wait for it, Albany and drive the 90 minutes (one way) or so each day into Cooperstown.

It was an amazing trip. We drove up through Canada into Buffalo stopping briefly at Niagara Falls and then going back the next morning and exploring it more thoroughly before driving into Albany.

Niagara Falls

WWe didnt spend a lot of time in Albany we got there late and left there early. On our last night we did continue a family tradtion of trying to bowl in every state in the U.S. That night trying to bowl was the correct term as we didn’t break 100 until the final frame and that was his and my combined score.

There’s no Bowling in Baseball.

The next day we left Albany for good and went back to Cooperstown for the induction speeches.

Frank’s Speech

It was an amazing trip. So many things we did that I haven’t even mentioned and Albany has so little to do with it. But when I think of the Capital of New York I always think of the Capital time Charlie and I had Hall of Fame Weekend 2014.

This is not my first trip to the A to Z Challenge. You can get back to the Challenge by clicking here. You can see my A entry from 2019 when my theme was the music of the Sherman Brothers by clicking on Spoonful.

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  1. Happy first day of Blogging A to Z! Despite living most of my life in the adjacent states of Connecticut and Massachusetts, and spending a lot of time visiting all over New York State, I have never been to Albany. I have gone to Cooperstown multiple times, which is a delightful village and the Hall of Fame is great. I’ve also been to Annapolis and Atlanta, both of which I liked a lot.


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