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A to Z Road Trip May 2019

I am participating in the A to Z Road Trip. This means that I am visiting select blogs between now and March 2020 and commenting on their A to Z posts. At the beginning of each month, I will post links to the blogs I visited the previous month along with the comments I wrote.

Here are the Road Trip blogs I visited in May:

J Lenni Dorner Blog presented Quote #AtoZChallenge Writing #BookReviews as an #Author and #IndieAuthor

Here was my comment: Stopping by from the #AtoZChallenge Road Trip! What a great post. I took your advice and quoted your post on a tweet

Heather Erickson of Heather Erickson Author Writer Speaker was next with T is for Trust your Intuition

My comment: I think that trusting your intuition is generally a good thing and you certainly make an excellent case for it. My wife is a cancer survivor so I will be checking out your 2nd blog as well.

Heather Erickson’s 2nd blog, Facing Cancer With Grace was the next stop and featured the fine post entitled Respite Care for Burnout Prevention.

I commented thusly:

I am participating in the A to Z Road Trip. I think respite care is great. When my wife had cancer we didn’t need much respite as she only had radiation and not chemo. Our family has provided respite services for families with kids for special needs. This has never really felt like service as we got to spend time with super kids while other family members got much needed break. I’m sorry for your loss. Thanks you for writing so candidly about it.

Those were all the A to Z Road Trip blogs I visited in the month of May. I will visit some more this month and post those here come July 1st.

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