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Sherman Brothers A to Z: T is for The

The River Song

This is about the time in the challenge where it becomes a challenge to not get behind in my posting. Busyness will do that to you. I wish I could take a relaxing raft ride down the river and forget all my cares and responsibilities. Oh wait, I sort of can.

Song: The River Song

Film : Tom Sawyer

Year: 1973

Notable Lyrics: The river song sings, “Travel on, Travel on” You blink away a tear, And the boy is gone

How I became familiar with the work: I remember seeing a Tom Sawyer movie in the theatre at about this time. I don’t remember Johnny Whittaker from Family Affair being in it and I don’t remember it being a musical. So if that wasn’t that one, I became familiar with it a few weeks ago when I was watching Buzr which is a non cable game show channel. I had stumbled on a mid 70’s remake of What’s my Line where a celebrity panel tries to guess the mystery guest and their occupation. In this case the mystery guest was actress Celeste Holm who mentioned that her most recent film was playing Aunt Polly in a musical version of Tom Sawyer. I googled it to find that The Sherman Brothers along with another movie music legend John Williams had collaborated on the score.



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2 thoughts on “Sherman Brothers A to Z: T is for The

  1. I’ve never had an issue keeping up with A to Z posting. (As of this moment, I’m done with all but Y.) But that’s largely because I don’t change my blogging routine. I find that helps. However, keeping up with comments… That always kills me.


  2. I admire you and the others who keep up; some even write all the entries in advance. But this year I’m routinely falling two or three entries behind, especially during the workweek. Just about now a raft ride down a slow-moving river sounds just about my speed.


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