Sherman Brothers A to Z: S is for Scales

Welcome to week 4 of the A to Z Challenge. Each week I like to change the format of my posts up just a little bit. This week I am not including the lyrics to the songs but will continue to put a link for the lyrics.

Song: Scales and Arpeggios

Film: Aristocats


Notable Lyric: Though at first it seem as if it doesn’t show

Like a tree ability will bloom and grow

How I Became Familiar with the work: In the 1970’s when I was growing up most our families music was on 8 track tapes. We had one for the Aristocats and my siblings and I would listen to it all the time before we ever saw the movie.

Additional Links: Full LyricsA to Z Participant Spreadsheet


  1. Loved this! My family came to America in 1970, the year the Aristocats came out, and yet I’ve never yet seen it. And the 8-track tape is a piece of history. We had VHS, but I still remember the video store we used to go to in the mid-80s, which had a VHS section and an 8-track section.


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