Sherman Brothers Part II : 10 Things that surprised me about the prolific career of the Sherman Brothers.

Thing 1: The Beach Boys performed The Sherman Brother’sThe Monkey’s Uncle along side Anette Funicello in the Disney movie of the same name.

Thing 2: The Sherman Brother’s in 1974 were the first American’s to win first prize at the Moscow Film Festival. They won for the screenplay for the Musical Tom Sawyer.

Thing 3: Jimmy Stewart’s final on screen role was in the family musical The Magic of Lassie. The Sherman Brothers wrote the songs and the screenplay fr this film.

Thing 4: Recipients of the National Medal of Arts in 2008. The same Year Marvel creator Stan Lee received the award.

Thing 5: Wrote over 15 songs for theme park attractions.

Thing 4: The best know of which is It’s A Small World which has been cited as the most performed song of all time.

Thing 3: Richard Sherman wrote Make Way for Tomorrow Today, which is used in the Iron Man 2 original score and also appears in Captain America: First Avenger.

Thing 2: won 2 Academey Awards for Mary Poppins and er nominated for 7 other awards from 1968 to 1978.’t

Thing 1: Sherman Brothers came to the attention of Walt Disney when their first top 10 hit, tall pall was recorded and then covered by different mouskeeteers from the Mickey Mouse Club.