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Sherman Brother’s A to Z: I is for I wanna be Like You

The A to Z Challenge is featuring a song form the 1967 and 2016 adaptations of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book.

King Louie: Ababa doot-doot-doobie doop!
Now I’m the king of the swingers
Oh, the jungle V.I.P.
I’ve reached the top 
And had to stop and that’s what’s bothering me
I wanna be a man, man cub 
And stroll right into town,
And be just like the other men
I’m tired of monkeying around!

King Louie (Monkey Chorus): Oh oo-be-doo! (Hoop-dee-wee)
I wanna be like you-hoo-hoo! (Hop-dee-doobee-doobah)
I wanna walk like you, (Cheep)
Talk like you (Cheep)
Too-oo-oo! (weebee-deebee-doobah)

You’ll see it’s true (Shoo-bee-doo)
An ape like me-ee-ee (Scooby-dooby-dooby)
Can learn to be hu-u-uman too-oo-oo!

Mowgli:Gee, Cousin Louie, you’re doing real good!

King Louie:Now here’s your part of the deal ‘cuz… lay the secret on me of man’s red fire.

Mowgli:But I don’t how to make fire.

King Louie: Now don’t try to kid me, man-cub,
I made a deal with you!
What I desire
Is man’s red fire
To make my dream come true!
Now give me the secret man cub,
Come on, clue me what to do.
Give me the power
Of man’s red flower,
So I can be like you!


Baloo: HEY!
Hey, a-baby-dot-doo
Doo-boo-doo-day, ze-bonz

King Louie: Za-bah-doo-dee!
Baloo: Well, a-ree-bah-naza
King Louie: He-beh-do-beh-doy
Baloo: Well, a-lah-bah-zini
King Louie: Wadahlabat-boodalabat
Baloo: Seebahlalat-dodie
King Louie: Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh
Baloo: Well, a-ha ha ha ha
King Louie: Rrrrahr-rrrahr!
Baloo: Gettin’ mad, baby!
King Louie: Hall-owallo-a-la la
Baloo: Mahata alottado
King Louie: Hodolata-deetle-do
Baloo: Do-zootle-dot-dot-dot-dot-dot
King Louie: Gingle do doot do do do doot
Baloo: Zeep-i-doo-da hab a daah

All:(variously) You-hoo-hoo! (Hoop-dee-wee)
I wanna be like you-hoo-hoo! (Hop-dee-doobee-doobah)
I wanna walk like you, (Cheep)
Talk like you (Cheep)
Too! (Weebee-deebee-doobah)

You see it’s true, (Shoo-bee-do)
Someone like me-ee-ee, (Scooby-dooby-dooby)

Flunkey Monkey: Can learn to be like someone like me!

Baloo:Take me home, daddy!

All: Can learn to be like someone like you!

King Louie: One more time!

Baloo: Yeah! 
Can learn to be like someone like me-eeeee! 




The 2016 live action remake of the Jungle Book was the beginning of the most current group of Disney live action remakes of animated movies. These have included Beauty and the Beast, the current Dumbo, and the upcoming Aladdin.

How do you feel about this trend? Is there an animated Disney movie you really want a live action remake of? Are there any Disney films that should be animated only?

Click here for the master list for A to Z Challenge.

4 thoughts on “Sherman Brother’s A to Z: I is for I wanna be Like You

  1. The Jungle Book is full of great songs, with “Bear Neccessities” being my favorite.

    I have no interest in the live-action remakes (which generally have so much CGI that they’re just another form of animation). I like it when Disney/Pixar comes up with new stories for our times.


    1. Bear necessities is the only song not written by the Sherman’s the original composers were fired replaced by the Sherman’s and that was the only song they kept

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  2. My daughter, a dear friend and I enjoyed the Beauty and Beast live action. We’ve wanted to see Dumbo but just haven’t yet. Can’t wait for Lion King (trailer released this week). I didn’t realize Aladdin was also being redone. But I do love Aladdin so we’ll probably see that too.


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