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Sherman Brother’s A to Z: G is for Get Together

G is for Get Together

Welcome back to a 2nd Week of the A to Z Challenge.

Today’s song comes from The Parent Trap a 1961 Disney movie starring Hayley Mills as 2 twin sisters raised seperately and reunited at summer camp. Lindsey Lohan played the role in the 1998 remake.

Let’s get together, yeah yeah yeah. Why don’t you and I combine? Let’s get together, what do you say? We can have a swinging time. We’d be a crazy team. Why don’t we make a scene? Together.

oh, oh, oh, oh Let’s get together, yeah yeah yeah. Think of all that we could share. Let’s get together, everyday Every way and everywhere. And though we haven’t got a lot, We could be sharing all we’ve got. Together.

Oh! I really think you’re swell. Uh huh! We really ring the bell. Oo wee! And if you stick with me Nothing could be greater, say hey alligator.

Let’s get together, yeah yeah yeah. Two is twice as nice as one. Let’s get together, right away. We’ll be having twice the fun. And you can always count on me. A gruesome twosome we will be. Together, yeah yeah yeah.


Have you seen either of these films? Which do you prefer? DO you have any unusual experience with identical twins?

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2 thoughts on “Sherman Brother’s A to Z: G is for Get Together

  1. I only watched the version with Lindsay Lohan, and it was so cute! Didn’t the Olsen twins do a version as well? I mean it would have certainly fit them 🙂
    I haven’t watched this version but cute song!


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