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Sherman Brothers Part I

Tomorrow, I begin A to Z Challenge.

My theme is the music of the Sherman Brothers. The challenge takes a break each Sunday, so I will each Sunday write a brief post about the Sherman Brothers. Today will be just basic biographical information. The Sherman Brothers are composed of Robert B, Sherman and Richard M. Sherman. They are the sons of songwriter Al Sherman, not to be confused with parodist Alan Sherman, who wrote such iconic songs as “you’ve got to be a football hero”.

The Sherman brothers were encouraged into the song writing profession in the 1950’s by their father. They wrote separately for other musicians for the first decade or so. In the late 50’s they teamed up together and had a long partnership with Disney studios. Robert passed away in 2012. Richard still writes and performed a song he wrote in Last years’s Christopher Robin that appears on the closing credits. The Sherman brothers have produced more movie soundtracks than any other writing group.

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