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In The Studio With Michael Card

Mid 1990’s
21st Century

I like music. I have eclectic tastes in music and like many different kinds and types of music. I do definitely have favorites and my favorite type is Contemporary Christian Music or CCM. Within that genre, I have many favorite artists, including the late Keith Green and the Late Rich Mullins, but my big 3 are Randy Stonehill, Alan Levi, and Michael Card.

Michael Card like Rich Mullins came into prominence as a writer for Amy Grant. Where Rich had Sing Your Praise to the Lord, Michael had El Shaddai.

Michael’s work is very biblically based and the majority of his albums are based on one theme. I have seen him perform many times in concert and am always encouraged, educated, edified and even entertained.

Micahel has written many fine books. I am currently reading The Hidden Face of God and listening to his most recent book inexpressible. Actually, I am not doing either right now. I am listening to Kim Hill on Pandora and typing, I am thinking of making lunch and my body is doing quite a few more things like breathing, thinking, my heart is beating, my blood is flowing and some of my cells are reproducing. And they say multitasking is a myth.

Where was I before I was so rudely interrupted by my randomness? Oh yes Michael Card’s new book. It is written about the Hebrew Word Hesed and I heard about it at Micahel’s podcast, In the Studio with Michael Card. describes the Podcast, this way …

Featuring Bible commentary, a look at the creative process and demonstrations of discipleship lived out in the community, this 55-minute program originates from Michael Card’s studio at Mole End in Franklin, Tennessee.  Originally broadcast on Moody Radio from 2002 to 2009, our hope is to grow our podcast audience and then record new programs in 2018.

The write-up states that there are 3 components of the program and you may have noticed that they all begin with the letter C. But like a diamond, this gem of a podcast actually has 4 C’s; aside from focussing on (Biblical) Commentary, Creativity, and Community, there is also Card himself performing multiple songs that go with the theme or themes of the program. I have been binge-listening (Is that even a thing?) to multiple podcasts and the production values are so good and yet it still has a cozy homey feeling to it as well. Here is a link to a recent program.

There is so much more that I could say about Michael Card. And I intend to write about him again and the other 2 members of the big 3 as well. Right now, lunch is looming so I will leave you with one of my favorite Michael Card songs. Like all of my big 3 ,my favorite song of theirs is usually the one I am listening to at the time. This one sticks out to me in that I read the lyrics in one of his books years before I ever listened to it. Here is Michael performing Things We Leave Behind