2019 HOF- First year on the ballot.

There are 20 players appearing on the HOF ballot for the first time this year. Last year there were 19 players on the ballot first time.  Two were elected into the hall of fame from that ballot.  3 received enough votes to be back on the ballot this year. 8 received some votes but not enough for future consideration. 6 failed to receive any votes at all.  If those percentages  hold this year 2 of the players on the ballot this year will be inducted. 3 more will remain on the ballot. 9 will receive some votes but not enough to stay on the ballot and again 6 of the players will receive no votes at all.  As you peruse the list, you can decide in your own mind which players will end up where after the announcement is made next week.

Rick Ankiel – Pitcher Outfielder – 1999-2013 Cardinals 7  Nationals 2 Royals, Mets, Braves, Astros,  1. 

One of the 10 youngest players in the national league in 1999 and 2000 with the Cardinals.  2nd in NL Rookie of the year voting in 2000. Transitioned to outfield in 2007

Jason Bay – Outfielder 2003-2013 Pirates 6 Mets 3 Red Sox 2   Padres Mariners 1 Bay was the 2004 rookie of the year with Pirates in 2004 (3 time rookie of the month) with the Pirates he was also 1 time rookie of the month in 2006 and 4 time nl player of the month between 2005 and 2007.  In 2011 he was 1 time nl player of the month with the Mets.  In addition to those accolades he was a 2 time NL all star (2005 2006 Pirates) and 1 time AL all star in 2009 with the Red Sox, The same year he won his only silver slugger award.

Lance Berkman 1999-2013 Outfielder First Baseman Astros 12 Cardinals 2 Rangers Yankees 1 Berkman was a 6 time all star 5 times with the Astros and once  with the Cardinals in 2011 the same year he was voted NL comeback player of the year. 4 times while with the Astros. Berkman finished in the top 5 in MVP voting (3rd in 2002 and 2006 and 5th in 2001 and 2008) Among all players on the 2019 Hall of fame ballot Berkman ranks in the top 5 in slugging pct with a life time .537 putting him in the top 50 of all time and has top 100 career numbers in walks and home runs. Berkman has been in 2 world series in 2005 as a member of the Houston Astros and in 2001 as a member of the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals.  He has a .410 World Series batting average a slugging percentage of .564 16 hits 4 for extra bases 11 RBI and 9 runs scored.

Freddy Garcia Pitcher 1999-2013 Mariners 6 White Sox 5 Yankees 2 Braves Phillies Orioles Tigers 1 Garcia won the 2001 Al Pitching title came in 3rd in Cy Young voting that year which was also the front part of back to back All star appearance for the mariners.  He was 1 time player of the month for seattle in 2003.  Garcia pitched and won game 4 of the 2005 World Series for the White Sox against the Houston Astros who originally signed him some 12 years earlier as an amateur free agent.

Jon Garland Pitcher  2000 to 2013 White Sox 8 Dodgers 2 Diamondback Padres Rockies Angels 1 When Freddy Garcia’s eventual rotation mate got to the White Sox in 200 youngest player in the American League He was the 4th youngest in 2001.  2005 was the White Sox and Garland’s big year.  He started hot winning April AL pitcher of the month.  Pitched  a scoreless inning in the all star game helping the White Sox win home field advantage as the American League team in the World Series.  He went 18-10 with a 3.43 ERA finishing 6th in the AL Cy Young voting. Garland pitched twice in the post season in 2005 allowing 2 earn runs in a complete game win against the Angels in the ALCs and allowing 2 more earned Runs in 7 innings  game 3 of the World Series which the Sox eventually won 7-5 in 14 innings.

Travis Haffner Designated Hitter First Baseman 2002 to 2013 Indians 10 Rangers Yankees 1 Pronk was 5th in AL MVP voting in 2005 and was a 1 time AL player of the month in 2005 and 2006 for the Indians.

Roy Halladay Pitcher 1998 to 2013 Blue Jays 12 Phillies 4 Roy Halladay is the only deceased player on the BBWWA ballot this year having died at the age 40 in November of 2017. Halladay won the Cy Young award and Sporting News pitcher of the year awards twice,  Once with the Jays in 2003 and again with the Phillies in 2010. Halladay was in the top 5 in Cy young voting 5 other times in his career,  An 8 time all star playing in 4 games with Toronto and 2 with Philadelphia.  He was the starting  all star hurler on 2 occasions once for each team.

Todd Helton First Baseman 1997 to 2013 Rockies 17. Todd Helton played his entire career
 for one team.  While playing for that team he put up career numbers in the top 100 all time in batting average, hits, total bases, home runs, runs batted in and runs scored.  In addition his career numbers for  slugging percentage and walks are in the top 50 for all time and his number for doubles in the top 25. This offensive prowess would probably make him a hall of famer the first time on the ballot except for the fact that the one team plays in homer friendly Coors Field.  Helton won the NL Batting title and the Hank aaron award in 2000.  A 5 time all star with 3 gold gloves and 4 Silver sluggers who batted .333 in his only World Series in 2007.

Ted Lilly Pitcher 1999 to 2013 Dodgers Cubs 4 Yankees Blue Jays 3 Athletics 2 Expos(Nationals) 1 Lilly, a two time all stars (Cubs, Jays) who neither won nor competed for any major accolades or awards as a starting pitcher.

Derek Lowe 1997 to 2013 Pitcher Red Sox 8 Dodgers 4 Braves 3 Rangers Indians Yankees Mariners 1 Lowe a 2 time all star for the Red Sox where he was also a 2002 player of the week and player of the month. In 2004 he won an Alds game an Alcs game and a world Series game helping the Red Sox break the curse of the Bambino. He signed as a frre agent to the Dodgers in earl 2005 where he was a nl player of the month in 2006 and again a nl player of the month in 2010 with the Braves.

Darren Oliver Pitcher 1993 to 2013 Rangers 10 Angels 3 Cardinals Blue Jays 2 Mets Rockies Red Sox Marlins Astros 1 Oliver in his last 4 seasons was one of the 10 oldest players in the American League from 7th oldest in 2010 to 2nd oldest in 2013.

Roy Oswalt Pitcher 2001 to 2013 Astros 10 Phillies 2 Rockies Rangers 1 Oswalt was a 3 time all star with the Astros 1 time rookie of the month in 2001 and 1 time pitcher of the month in 2002 and 2006 and one time player of the week in 2004 and 2008

Andy Petitte Pitcher 1995 to 2013 Yankees 15 Astros 3 3 time all star for the Yankees.  5 times in the top 5 Cy young voting 2nd 1996, 4th 2000 5th 1997 Yankees  5th 2005 Astros.  Petite pitched in 8 World Series the Yankees were 5-2 and the Astros 0-1 2001 Alcs mvp.  career leader for post seasons wins 18
Juan Pierre Outfielder 2000 to 2013 Marlins 4 Rockies Dodgers 3 White Sox 2 Phillie Cubs 1 Pierre’s 614 stolen bases is the 18th best all time.  He hit .333 as the Marlins won the 2003 World Series. 

Placido Polanco Infielder 1998 to 2013  Phillies 7 Cardinals Tigers 5 Marlins 1 2 time all star (Tigers and Phillies) 2006 ALCS MVP with Tigers 3 time Phillies Gold Glover

Mariano Rivera Pitcher 1995 to 2013 Yankees 19 13 time all star 2013 Al All Star MVP  1999 WS MVP 2003 AL ALCS MVP 2013 AL comeback player of the year 5 time AL Rolaids Relief winner 1 time Babe Ruth Award winner 3 time delivery man of the year award Career Leader in Saves 652 and post season saves 42.  .70 post season ERA is career leader. 

Miguel Tejada Infielder 1997 to 2013 AThletics 7 Orioles 5 Astros 2 Royals Giants Padres 1 6 all star appearances 4 AL (3 Orioles 1 Start 2005 All Star Mvp, 1 Athletics) 2 NL Astros 2002 Al MVP with Athletics 2  silver slugger awards as Oriole.

Vernon Wells Center Fielder 1999 to 2013 Blue Jays 12 Angels 2 Yankees 1 3 time All Star 3 time gold glove winner 1 time silver slugger all with Toronto. Started 2006 All Star Game. Wells played 1731 games without a playoff appearance 2nd only to Adam Dunn in the Wild Card era. 

Kevin Youkilis, Infielder 2004 to 2013 Red Sox 9 Yankees White Sox 1 3 time all star 2008 Hank Aaron award winner 2007 Gold Glove winner 1 time al rookie of the month 1 time player of the week with Red Sox 2008 and White Sox 2012

Michael Young Infielder 2000 to 2013 Rangers 13 Dodgers Phillies 1 7 all star games started 2009 won 2006 all star mvp won 2005 al batting title and 1 gold glove award.Tomorrow I will post my final installment of hall of fame commentary including my Official Unofficial Ballot.