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Is listening the new reading?

I have finished 4 books this week, for a total of 6 books finished this year.  3 of the books I’ve “read” this week are audio books that I listened to mostly on my commutes to and from work and while walking on my breaks and lunches at work.  Does that count as reading?

The same app I got from the library that allows me to “check out” books and listen them on my iPhone also allows  me to check out books and read them on my iPhone.  I love the printed page and am not a big fan of too much screen time.  But it’s hard to argue against the utility of downloading books.  Now if I don’t read or listen to a downloaded book from my library it goes away in 28 days limiting my ability to lose or not return said books to the library.

So for now I am compromising, I am reading some books the old fashioned way and other books I am reading with my ears. To clarify, the old way I was still reading with my ears.  To cut them off and read without them would be almost unheard of.  Oh Van Gogh you didn’t!

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I’ll take colonoscopies for 300 Alex.