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Stepping into your comfort zone

Stepping out of your comfort zone.  Yeah, I get it, But it’s been done, right? You know what I mean.  We get it.  It makes sense.  Like the 20 seconds of insane courage thread that runs through the movie We Bought a zoo That starts here …

continues here…

and concludes here …


Is it possible or has stepping out of your comfort zone  become just a little too comfortable?  I think sometimes it’s important to step into your comfort zone.  Here are a couple of reasons …

1. The Cindy Brady effect.

In an episode of The Brady Bunch, Mrs Brady is distributing lunches and gives Cindy a peanut butter  and jelly sandwich.  Young Cindy complains “Why do I always get peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? ” To which Mrs Brady promptly replies “because you love them.”  A big smile lightens up Cindy’s face and she responds , Oh yeah, I keep forgetting.

We need to step into our comfort zone, because we need comfort.  Life, especially certain seasons of life can be a chaotic swirl.  Surrounding yourself with people, places , activities and things that are familiar and encouraging makes for a calm in a swirly storm.

2.  Take Your Passion and Make it Happen

There are nuggets of truth to be found almost anywhere you look, even bad eighties songs.  Irene Cara sings the above lyrics in the title song from the movie Flashdance.

Take your passion.

Start in your comfort zone. Take what energizes you, what you care about and …

Make it happen.

Implement your vision.  Some would say this implementation would mean leaving your comfort zone.  I see it as expanding your comfort zone.  People who were terrified of speaking in public found their fear dissipate when speaking about things they are passionate about.

I am stepping out of my comfort zone now by finishing this post without a really good ending, because I became uncomfortable staring at a blank screen with writer’s block.

Next Time : Is Listening Reading?

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