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Things that happen when you don’t own a washing machine

Since I just celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary, I have been thinking about the early years of our marriage. Amy and I lived in an apartment for the first 3 1/2 years of our marriage before buying our first house in fall of 2001. As I recall there was one washing machine and dryer in the basement, but most Saturday mornings we went to a local laundromat and did our laundry there.

Saturday was our day to sleep in so it was late morning when we’d get there and the ABC Saturday morning cartoons were usually on the television.  Most of the shows did not appeal to me, but there was a show called science court that caught my attention.  What I really liked was the mid-show between the show segment called see ya later estimator. It featured a cartoon character with a cartoon sock puppet called Hippy the Hip-hop hippo.  Years later when we had foster children living with us,  we got one boy a stuffed hippo and named him Hippy the Hip-hop Hippo,  which our foster son pronounced Ippy the Ip-Op Ippo.  Something he would have never been able to do, if, in our early years of marriage, we had owned a washing machine.

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