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2018 Hall of Fame – Returning Players Preview

The 2018 Baseball Hall of Fame election results will be revealed on  January 24th. Today we will preview the 14 returning players from last years ballot.

The players returning from last years ballot listed from the highest percentage of votes received to lowest are …

Trevor Hoffman 74% of the vote in 2017, 3rd year on the ballot. 2017 was highest vote total.

Vladimir Guerrero 71.7% of 2017 2nd year on the ballot.

Edgar Martinez 58.6% of the vote in 2017. 9th year on ballot   Edgar’s  highest % came in 2017.

Roger Clemens   54.1 % of the vote in 2017. 6th year on the ballot,   Clemens  received his highest %   in 2017,

Barry Bonds  53.8% of the vote in 2017. 6th  year on the ballot,  Bonds received his highest %  in 2017

Mike Mussina 51.8 %  of the vote in 2017.  5th year on ballot  Mussina’s highest % came in 2017

Curt Schilling 45% of the vote in 2017. 6th year on the ballot,    Schillings highest % was 52.3 in 2016

Manny Ramirez 2nd year on the ballot, voters were just being voters last year when the put manny on just 23.8% of his inaugural ballot.

Larry Walker 21.9% of the vote in 2017. 8th year on the ballot . Larry’s highest  % 22.9  came in 2012, his 2nd year on the ballot

Fred McGriff  21.7 % of the vote in 2017.  9th year on the ballot. Fred’s  highest %  was 23.9 in 2012, his 3rd year on the ballot.

Jeff  Kent 16.7%  of the vote in 2017. 5th year on the ballot  . 2017 was Kent’s highest total to date, .1 percentage points higher than his previous best in 2016.

Gary Sheffield 13.3% of the vote in 2017. 4th year on ballot highest percentage to date.

Billy Wagner 10.2 % of vote in 2017, 2nd year on ballot, 10.5% in 2016 best total so far

Sammy Sosa received 8.6% of the vote in 2017.   6th year on the ballot.   In 2012 Sammy received 12.5%, his highest percentage in his first year of consideration.

Next Time: A preview of first-time players on the 2018 ballot.