N is for No Hitter

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N is for No Hitter
A baseball game can take 3-4 hours to complete.  But if all you are interested is watching all the outs it can take 5-10 minutes.  3-5 minutes if you are just looking for all the outs on one side.  When would you want to do that?  When you want to relive a no hitter.  You tube is your friend when it comes to finding those.
on April 18,2007 Mark Buehrle (see B is for Buehrle from earlier this month) pitched a no hitter for the Chicago White Sox against the Texas Ranger.  This means in his 9 innings of work no one got on base with a hit.  Former Sox player Sammy Sosa did get a walk and you can watch what Buerhle did to him.  

A no hitter when no one gets on base for any reason is called a perfect game Buerhle got one of those also.  It was 2 years later July 23, 2009 against the Tampa Bay Rays.  Since it is technically a no hitter and since I am not doing P is for Perfect Game I’ll show you that one as well.  You’d be Wise to watch the 9th inning of this one.

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