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That Ship has sailed.

A month ago or so, I was listening to talk radio on the way home from work.  When I got home, I decided to call the host and discuss some issues.  We talked a few minutes about various topics of the day and then started discussing the abortion views of one the senators from Illinois, where we both live.  This particular senator is pro-choice.  While listening to the radio station that day, there had been a commercial about pro-life listeners contacting that Senator  and telling them how concerned they were about the environment.  It was kind if a strange commercial, as I asked the host, if pro lifers were going to contact the Senator wouldn’t they do so to ask him to change his pro choice views instead of asking about the environment?  The host wasn’t sure exactly about the wording of the commercial but about discussing the abortion issue with the senator, stated “That ship has sailed,” which I took to mean that the host had had numerous conversations with the Senator and that his pro choice views were rather ingrained.

I hadn’t thought about that exchange since the evening it occurred until earlier today.  When I did think of it the phrase “That ship has sailed” really stuck in my mind.  I believe that abortion ends a human life. .  When I speak out against abortion, sometimes people treat the issue as it was resolved by Roe vs. Wade.  That ship  has sailed, is what they are saying.  Laws can be changed.  The people who wanted legal abortions in the U.S. didn’t say that ship has sailed.  They kept fighting until they got their way.  People who agree with me that ending pregnancies prematurely should be stopped, need to continue to rally around the sanctity and dignity of the human life.  The ship may indeed have sailed, but a ship heading in the wrong direction should always be convinced to alter it’s course.