I took a poet to lunch today.

Every day at work my boss my boss titles her group chat by the name of whatever “holiday “it happens to be. Yesterday was take a poet to lunch today. On my break I wrote this poem.

I took a poet to lunch today.

I took a poet to lunch today

And there amid the verse ,

Our flow of thought was free and light 
Not stifled, bland, or terse.
I took a poet to lunch today 
we traded quip for quip
 She scrawled a sonnet on her check 
And left it with her tip.
If you can’t take a poet  to lunch 
Please do not wear a frown 
We all write poems in our own way 
And some , just write them down.

John Piper has an excellent article on the Lottery

I enjoyed this article on the lottery by John Piper.

The article grabs you with the first line …

Americans now spend more than $70 billion dollars annually on lotteries.”

and nails it in the final paragraph

“So, if you win, don’t give from your lottery winnings to our ministry. Christ does not build his church on the backs of the poor. Pray that Christ’s people will be so satisfied in him that they will be freed from the greed that makes us crave to get rich.”

I agree with each of Pipers 7 reasons not to play the lottery. d it.  It is a quick read and one I  recommend.

That Ship has sailed.

A month ago or so, I was listening to talk radio on the way home from work.  When I got home, I decided to call the host and discuss some issues.  We talked a few minutes about various topics of the day and then started discussing the abortion views of one the senators from Illinois, where we both live.  This particular senator is pro-choice.  While listening to the radio station that day, there had been a commercial about pro-life listeners contacting that Senator  and telling them how concerned they were about the environment.  It was kind if a strange commercial, as I asked the host, if pro lifers were going to contact the Senator wouldn’t they do so to ask him to change his pro choice views instead of asking about the environment?  The host wasn’t sure exactly about the wording of the commercial but about discussing the abortion issue with the senator, stated “That ship has sailed,” which I took to mean that the host had had numerous conversations with the Senator and that his pro choice views were rather ingrained.

I hadn’t thought about that exchange since the evening it occurred until earlier today.  When I did think of it the phrase “That ship has sailed” really stuck in my mind.  I believe that abortion ends a human life. .  When I speak out against abortion, sometimes people treat the issue as it was resolved by Roe vs. Wade.  That ship  has sailed, is what they are saying.  Laws can be changed.  The people who wanted legal abortions in the U.S. didn’t say that ship has sailed.  They kept fighting until they got their way.  People who agree with me that ending pregnancies prematurely should be stopped, need to continue to rally around the sanctity and dignity of the human life.  The ship may indeed have sailed, but a ship heading in the wrong direction should always be convinced to alter it’s course.



2016 wow!

Some time ago in the early to mid-80s I made my last New Year’s resolution. I resolved to never make New Year’s resolutions. This was very similar to the time that I gave up Catholicism for Lent. When it was over, since I was no longer Catholic, , I didn’t have to take it up again.

In the same bent, I have not made New Year’s resolutions as such for my entire adult life. Although, every year about this time I begin to think how would like this coming year to be different than the last. I do make resolutions I think we all do. It’s just that I don’t do them around a calendar.

Here is a short list of things I,d like to do more of in 2016 …
Read more books
Be on the same page as my wife 
in 2016  I,d like to …
Read 12 books I own and have not read.
Learn how a sailor cusses, so I can decide if I want to cuss like one or not.
Finish my nonowrimo novel.
Some things I,d like to do less of in 2016
Deep Sea dumpster diving.
Being passive reaching family and personal goals.
Avoiding unpleasant tasks.
Saying the same thing two different ways in lists.
2015 was a good year.  it sometimes seemed there were more downs than ups, more questions than answers.  But each down made me look up to God.  Each question was answered or is being answered by the author and perfect er of my faith. 
I am sure 2016 or as I like to call it two to the fifth three squared seven will  contain change,  disappointment, and grief as all years do .. I also know that it can contain Joy unspeakable, unlimited possibilities, and utter contentment, I wish all these to you and yours in spades or the card suit or garden implement of your choice.