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P is for Paulie

White Sox Homerun hitters from A.J. to Zeke

P is for Paulie

Paul “Paulie Longball” Konerko

I’ll admit that nobody calls Konerko Paulie Longball except me.  I named him it and was never able to make it catch on.  What did catch on was Konerko’s baseball prowess and love for the game.   Konerko was the heart and soul of the 2005 team and instead of following the money he opted in 2005 and again in 2010 to stay with the Sox.

When Konerko retired in 2014, his 432 homeruns was 2nd only to Frank Thomas on the Sox all time list.  His 439 total major league homers is good enough for 42nd all time.   He averaged  30 homers over a  162 game season or 1 home run  in every 5.4  games.  

Pauls best 2 HR totals came in 2004 with 41 and 2005 with 40.

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