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White Sox Week in Review

On my other blog I participate in a little meme called Six Word Saturday. I have done it here before. The skinny is you give your six words and if you want you can explain them. So, now that we’ve explained that go review the title of this post.

Here are my six words:

I go to work. Sox lose.

Last Friday, I started a job at a box factory. It is an assignment from a temp company. I work the second shift 3-11. We didn’t work on Monday as it was the 4th of July. Since then every day this week the White Sox have played or finishing playing while I have been making boxes. They now have lost 4 games in a row. This may not seem like a big deal. But it is. Box making is hard work and generally speaking my family is asleep when I get home, I would like a bit of good news like say a White Sox victory. Also, last week they got to .500 for the first time since early April. For those stopping in from Six Word Saturday who might not know what .500 means it means they have won as many games as they’ve lost. Now with these 4 losses they are back to below .500 where they will remain through the All Star break and perhaps the rest of their season.

Maybe if I quit my job they will start winning again. Although back then they only won 1/2 the time and I didn’t get paid. So, I think I’ll keep working.

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8 thoughts on “White Sox Week in Review

  1. So what you're really saying is – you go to work, Sox lose. You don't go to work and the Sox still lose.Boxes or soxes?Okay poor attempt at humour, have a great weekend anyway


  2. Not a big baseball fan but that sucks! My husband is a huge sport nut but mostly basketball and footbal. Yea, I would say probably best to keep your job rather than hope that if you quit they will win. LOL. Have a great Saturday.


  3. Hope they start winning soon – I actually have a White Sox cap, my mother-in-law brought it back from a holiday in the States years ago.


  4. Love your six words! Some of the comments are rather funny, too. Hope your team will get on a winning streak soon 🙂


  5. I'm not playing the 6's this week, but I enjoyed yours. If the Sox might hit a win streak if you quit your job, my advise would be KEEP THE JOB. (Not a Yankee fan; just pullin yer chain).


  6. I don't follow baseball but as a fan of a much maligned hockey team, I fully understand the whole “well, when I did THIS, their record was THAT, and then I did something different, and something else happened!” In fact, I was banned from attending games this year. Our team still didn't make the playoffs.I vote keep the job and find a different team. 😉 Thanks for playing 6WS!


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