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Hall of Fame 2011 Votes and Picks

It’s time to tell you who I would vote for IF I was a voting member of the BBWAA.

Too bad I don’t have time to go into more detail. Like many of these players prospects, maybe next year.

If I had 10 votes, the 10th vote would go to Edgar Martinez (1 down from last year)

If I had 9 votes, the 9th vote would go to Larry Walker. (new on the ballot)

If I had 8 votes the 8th vote would go to Bert Blyt leven (1 up from last year)

If I had 7 votes the 7th vote would go to Dale Murphy (same as last year but not on “official” ballot this time.)

If I had 6 votes the 6th vote would go to Fred McGriff( up 2 from last year.)

Which brings us to my official unofficial ballot. There are 5 candidates who I would vote to for the Hall of Fame if I had the vote. Last year there were 7 I would have sent to Cooperstown. Murphy, I decided was not quite worthy of the honor. Robin Ventura failed to get 5 %of the vote last year and Andre Dawson was elected to the Hall. This leaves 4 from my ballot last year and 1 newcomer.

If I could only have 5 votes, my 5th vote would be for Lee Smith. Smith is up one place on my ballot from last year.

If Icould vote for only 4, my 4th and final would be cast to former Houston star Jeff Bagwell.

If my maximum vote # could only be 3 the third vote would go to Roberto Alomar. This is one spot up from where I placed him last year.

If I was limited to only 2 votes my second vote would be for Harold Baines. This is one up from where I had him a year ago.

If I could only vote for who I thought was the most deserving Hall of Fame candidate this year, my vote would go to Tim Raines. This is also 1 place up from where I had him last year.

That’s who I would vote for. But now let me put my prognosticators hat on. I think there will be 2 players elected this year. Alomar and Blyleven. I think 4 first timers will receive 5 % or more of the vote. If I had to guess who I would say Kevin Brown and Rafaeal Palmeiro in addition to Walker and Bagwell. If it’s not 4 I believe it will be more not less.

So those are my votes and picks. I can’t wait to find out what will happen.