Hello Sports Fans

There’s a new blog in town!

I have been blogging for almost a year at my main blog: Home School Dad. Like me, my blog is eclectic. I blog about a great variety of topics. For whatever reason, I have not posted a lot about sports.

This is not because I don’t have a lot to say about sports. No, I have plenty to say! I am constantly having sports discussions in my head that are begging to get out. Perhaps Home School Dad is not just the correct springboard for my sports diatribes, discourses, and delusions.

At this time I am happy to introduce Crazy Uncle Dave’s Sport-O-Rama. I am not sure exactly what this blog will look like in the next few weeks and month. There will be a little bit of a getting to know you phase. But let me remind you that it took Home School Dad a few months to feel it’s way through the blog-o-sphere.

Speaking of which, HSD is not going anywhere. It will be my main blog, and I don’t intend as much time and energy here. But when I have a thought or comment or concern within the realm of organized or even disorganized sports I’ll talk about it here. I will also be putting the first paragraph or so of each sports-o-rama post over at HSD with a link to the entire article.

For those of you visiting from Six Word Saturday. Welcome! Click here to see what other six words are in play this weekend.

3 thoughts on “Hello Sports Fans

  1. Love the header. I'm thinking of starting a baseball related blog. That was I can talk about the Phillies or baseball in general without boring my followers who have no interest in it.I'm on board with you now.


  2. Whoa, I was all confused. I was like – that's Dave! But this isn't Dave's site… But it is!!! Congrats on the new site and thanks for playing 6WS!


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